Having family and friends stay over at your house is fun, which is why many individuals make it a point to own sofa beds (aka sleeper sofas and pullout couches) and/or futons. These instant beds are really convenient, and you can put just about anywhere around the home.

Sofa beds and futons are especially great if you do not have an official guest room. Maybe you can repurpose another room. By way of instance, they can be placed in an office, living room, or family room where it will mainly be a couch, but if overnight guests arrive, you’ll have an immediate bed.


With this in mind, take a look at the space you have available, and choose the size needed for your convertible sleeper. They are usually marketed as full-size or queen beds, but very few are twin size.


You will want to buy the right size of bed linens for your sofa bed or futon.

When you are searching, notice that the mattress is much thinner than a normal mattress. You’ll need these to know whether you should groom it using conventional full-size sheet sets, or if it requires special bedding. Because there’s a large and varied market of sofa beds and futons, some will need normal linens while others need specially-ordered sheets.


Another thing to bear in mind when shopping for a sofa bed or futon is how to equip it with the maximum comfort. Due to the thinness of sofa bed mattresses, your guests may feel the frame underneath. This will provide the mattress more cushioning, mitigate the feeling of the frame beneath, and make it a more comfortable experience for your guest.

Congratulations, and allow the guests arrive!

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