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Being being a man in this day an age is almost like taking a roller coaster ride through life, Whoa! I hear you say, Before you get on your high horse, just allow me to say that I have spoken to plenty of my buddies about this, Black and White and all of them agreed with what I had to say. . Cool! Right where was I.. .

Yes, being a young black man and living in britain or in my case London daily it can be as suggested a roller coaster ride. Here are just a few of the examples of the Highs and Lows of being a Black man, well for me anyway!

Firstly I have to say, the something that gets me is the staring, it is the obvious low!

White girls, white men, Chinese people etc, they all stare, it is funny but Indian Men and Women don’t stare as much, maybe they feel secure or are just use to the exact same treatment! Who knows? I mean I can walk on any street, night and day and its always the same, take just the other day, it was 5pm on a Thursday, it was a lovely day, there I was walking up a very prominent road near Holland park, near where I actually live, I always walk on the right hand side of any road or street, I don’t know why its just my way! So as I was walking, playing tunes from my ipod and taking in the sights of this beautiful beautiful Houses on this street. Ahead of me I could see a very attractive woman and yes she was white, as I got closer to this lady I noticed she had been looking straight at me, I thought to myself great she is stunning and she is looking at me, cool! However, as we got nearer she paused and crossed over to the other side of the street and as she did, she kept looking back at me. . .Hmm! I thought to myself, not good! Now again, do not fly of the handle but to me it looked as though she had been scared of me or found me threatening. Which is understandable in this day an age with how society is but what got me was that this street was pretty long and if she wanted to cross over why did not she do it much earlier? However, it got worse for me that specific day because within a minute or 2. . .it happen again and this time the lady was much older. I was beginning to think I must seem like a ideal villain in spite of the fact that I had been dress very decent plus I was carrying my guitar (instance ) on my shoulders.

This might be just the area of Holland Park I hear you say but I will tell you that this occurs every other day to me and to most Black Men around the united kingdom. We won’t talk about the police and the stop and search variable but I will say that, that’s only gone completely over the top, too much stories to tell so I’ll stop there because that’s just the one of the lows, now let me give you a high, I think you deserve to hear the advantages in addition to the downsides but after hearing it, would you say it was a positive thing or a negative thing?

Well! . .one of the best things about being a Black Man is how Women perceive us, Black men attract women in a different manner than the normal man, or should I say a white man. White men will always get girls because it’s their world and that is fine by me but being Black we have something that they will never have and know. We have the difference! Women who like this gap may tell you, that they enjoy it because they simply prefer black men, I think that there’s a deeper meaning to the madness. I think it comes down to one thing and that is fear. I can almost hear you say, what the hell is this guy talking about? Well take it from me; we understand that if we need something and we know we can not have it, we tend to go out of our way to get it and that’s how all of this started, it’s just progressed quietly within different generations, cultures and life generally. Are you still with me?

I’ve travelled around the world and every time I leave the UK I’m always racially abused in some way, from airport security around the world to European cities in which there are zero Black guys and so as soon as you get of the plane you become like a alien and everyone stares at you and sees the gap that I have been talking about. But going back to the girls for a second or two, they do often see something else than their male counterparts. Most times it’s great for me, sometimes it’s not but being just a man you can not always get the girl! Different women from all over the world prefer a certain type of person, be it about their religious beliefs, or sexually traits or their fear of the difference, What I have observed and have made a note of is that Asian women i.e. Indian or Chinese won’t be seen dead using a Black guy, Eastern girls are a little different, the new generation of young women do find Black men more attractive but that depends on the nationality of the Black man. American girls are certainly mixing it in the moment a great deal more than ever but that is down to the way Black men are portrayed in the united states. English Girls are showing signs but for me mostly in cosmopolitan London. Irish and Scottish White women will not go down that road. The welsh women are much more receptive to the idea but generally there is still segregation amongst the mixing of Black Men and White Women across the world, again for me it is very much understandable.

In my case I get lots of attention from White women in fact much more than I’d get from Black ladies, so what does that tell you! So as I said, is it a good thing or bad thing? If you don’t believe me just check out any dating site, that’s where all of the evidence is. Just look at what the girls want and you’ll see. . .90percent of those women want white males and only 10% do not care what the man looks like. Why, Well! Again that’s just how the world is, preference is very important to most people.

So the ride persists. . .we have had our ups and downs, what more can I add, well the worse part of this ride for me is simple and it’s the way society sees Black men as a whole! This is a touchy subject that haunts me to the heart of my spirit but what people really don’t understand is that being Black we see things very simple, we don’t go around thinking we’re better than anybody that’s the first thingwe do not see racism through our eyes when we look at a different culture, we do not wonder why you are that colour and why we are this colour but with how we’ve been duped by the planet with easy things like Good is shown by the colour White and Bad is revealed as Black, its simple things like this that continues beliefs in white culture which color Black should be feared.

Also the lack of White people around the World, not knowing just where they come from and their own history, Being a Black Man or Black Woman we naturally wish to understand our roots and we pursue this everyday and the majority of the new generation of Blacks around the world know much more about where they come from, much more than a White Person. The History of Black people is seldom told so we are left to our own devices to get the questions and answers so that we are the proud people and race which we are now. Remember this is only my view point of the situation about being a Black. Yours may be different but that’s what makes us the people we are. So today and the next day and the months and years ahead I will continue my Roller Coaster Ride as a Black guy and hopefully I’ll see some changes in my time, Hopefully!

Being Black Today

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